What makes your litter boxes better?

Most importantly, 50Cats litter boxes are made from ceramics. Ceramics offer lasting resistance to aggressive chemical agents – cat urine contains high concentrations of ammonium compounds. Ceramics don’t absorb unpleasant odours, they don’t fade, and they don’t lose their shine. Ceramics retain their beauty for years and never stop delivering excellent hygiene. And they make our litter boxes simply beautiful.


Aren’t ceramic litter boxes too heavy?

Our litter boxes weigh around 6 kg. Of course, they are heavier than ones made from plastic. But they’re also more stable. The weight of our litter boxes causes no problems. You won’t need to lift your litter box too often. For cleaning purposes, just tilt them a bit to one side to gather the litter. Then wipe them down with a moist sponge, or spray them with a cleaning agent and wipe down with a paper towel.


Do I need to use special cat litter?

No. You can continue to use your favourite brand of litter. It is recommended to use wood-based litters, primarily for ecological reasons. But the enamelled surface is very hard and will not scratch from the use of silicone or bentonite litters. 50Cats will soon begin offering its own litter formulated specially for ceramic litter boxes.


Aren’t ceramic litter boxes too brittle?

No. The sides of our litter boxes have a thickness of 5-6 mm. This is more than enough to ensure their durability. Of course, you shouldn’t throw the litter box around or hit it with hard objects. But remember, people have been using ceramics for ages – we use ceramic lavatory fixtures, ceramic plates and cups, including large dishes and platters. Used appropriately, litter boxes by 50Cats will remain beautiful and serve you faithfully for many years.


Do 50cats litter boxes require special cleaning methods?

The enamel covering our litter boxes is entirely non-porous and antibacterial. It is extremely easy to keep clean and hygienic. All you need are a sponge and water, or other cleaning agents and paper towels. They do not need to be scrubbed or washed with a hose, under the shower, or anything like that. Use cleaning chemicals with care, to avoid irritating your cat’s sensitive nose and to be friendly to the natural environment.


Are your litter boxes environmentally friendly?

Litter boxes by 50Cats are produced from ceramics. This is all-natural material, a type of clay. The enamel coating on our litter boxes is a mixture of naturally occurring quartzes. We use exclusively natural ceramic paints and – in the Russian Collection – natural gold. Our litter boxes are 100% recyclable. They do not contain any toxic substances.


How are your litter boxes made?

50Cats cat litter boxes are made entirely by hand. Each litter box is a product of the hands of experienced ceramics artists. Every litter box is also enamelled and painted by hand. We use some templates, and some work is done “freehand”. That’s why the enamel and paint can sometimes be a bit thicker or thinner in some places. That’s also what makes each of them just a little different. Unique.


Are 50cats litter boxes big enough for my cat?

We presently offer two models of litter box – rectangular and round. The rectangular litter boxes come in a standard size suitable for most cat breeds. The round litter boxes are a little bigger and are suitable for larger breeds, like the Maine coon.

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