50Cats is setting new standards in cat litter box hygiene. Ceramics have long been a favourite material for use in home sanitary fixtures, such as washbasins and toilets.

The 20th century brought plastic into our lives, our kitchens, and our lavatories. Plastic is practical, easy to manufacture, and, of course, inexpensive.

But it compares unfavourably to porcelain. Unlike porcelain, it is not durable, and it fails to offer outstanding hygiene. Particularly when confronted with aggressive liquids, it systematically breaks down.

Plastic absorbs unpleasant odours. It loses its shine. It fades. It becomes misshaped, and cracks inevitably appear.

Perfectly non-porous ceramic enamel is entirely antibacterial and indestructible. And it retains its beauty for many years.

You use ceramics in your lavatory. Don’t make your cat do its business in a porta-potty!



Litter boxes by 50Cats are produced using a unique formula of kaolinite clays coated with special KERA baked ceramic enamel. The ceramic enamel is fired at a temperature of 1250 ºC. 

The enamel coating on the porcelain is hard and completely resistant to scratches and the effects of aggressive chemicals.

It offers lasting resistance to the high concentrations of the ammonium compounds present in cat waste, which over time destroys common plastic litter boxes.

Ceramic cat litter boxes are designed for long-term use. They are produced from high-quality, natural, and environmentally-friendly raw materials suitable for recycling.




The design of 50Cats ceramic cat litter boxes is the work of Maciej, a talented young artist.

Our litter boxes are characterised by an appearance that is at once elegant, refined, timeless, but also modern.

The shape of our litter boxes is aligned with your cat’s natural behaviour.

Unlike common plastic litter boxes, 50Cats ceramic litter boxes are an excellent complement to the most beautiful areas of your home’s interior.



Animal waste products contain high concentrations of nitrogen compounds (ammonium and derivatives – amines and amino acids)

These are aggressive chemical substances that cause damage to the human body. When inhaled over long periods, they can lead to irritation and coughing.

Plastic litter boxes are not entirely resistant to the corrosive effects of ammonium compounds. Exposure to their systematic effects leads plastic litter boxes to first lose their shine and colour. Then their surface is destroyed. They look like they’ve been scratched by cat claws. That’s not your cat – that’s ammonium.

Of course, more expensive plastic litter boxes made from high-quality plastics last much longer. But the cheaper ones have to be changed more often – at least once a year.

50Cats ceramic cat litter boxes are entirely resistant to all harsh chemicals. They are manufactured using a unique mixture of kaolinite clay and covered with a special layer of KERA baked enamel, which provides the very low levels of absorption (porousness) appropriate for ceramic and porcelain sanitary fixtures pursuant to PN-72/B-12630 and PN-78/B-12630 norms.

The absorption level of 50Cats ceramic cat litter boxes is between 0.5% ≥ 3.0%.

impact on the human body concentration [ppm] permissible exposure time
Detectable odour 25 (detection threshold) Unlimited
Fairly strong detectable odour 35 8 hours/day (maximum permissible constant concentration)
Very strong odour 50 Only as long as necessary
Harsh unpleasant odour 100 Leave the room immediately
Irritation to eyes, nose, and respiratory tract 400–700
(danger threshold)
One hour will generally not cause serious consequences
Coughing fits, difficulty breathing, strong irritation of the nose, eyes, and respiratory tract 1000–1700 1/2 hour of exposure may lead to dangerous consequences
Strong cough, throat contractions, serious difficulty breathing, harsh irritation of nose, eyes, and respiratory tract 2000–5000 Death from asphyxiation may occur within 1/2 hour
Strong feeling of paralysis and choking >5000 Death occurs within a few minutes





  • “I don’t have a cat, but when I visit friends who do, I see that litter boxes don’t look particularly nice. They ruin the atmosphere of any room with high-quality furniture and accessories. Litter boxes made from high-grade materials with an attractive, timeless design can offer a beautiful addition to any interior.”
  • “A nice litter box. Fiona uses it with no complaints.”
  • “I bought the rectangular Industrial model. It suits my bathroom. A couple of friends with cats came over recently for dinner. They loved it!”
  • “I always used to have plastic litter boxes. I had to get a new one every year. They lost their shine, the bottom looked like it was all scratched up, and worst of all they started to stink. Now I don’t have any of those problems. Ceramics don’t absorb and don’t fade. The box is nice and hygienic.”
  • “Too bad you ran out. I like them, but they’re not available right now. I’ll wait!”
  • “Wow, a cat litter box with real gold. Unreal!”
  • “I expected a little bit more. I thought it would look just like the picture. It doesn’t. The paint around the edges is a bit crooked and the enamel is lumpy in a few places. But actually it’s kinda cool. I feel like someone made a litter box specially for me.”

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